Updating the hp mediasmart server

19-Apr-2020 10:09

Finally, you’ll want to swing the two latches down that lock the SATA card into place.

From the front, the left-hand side latch swings left, and the right-hand side latch swings right.

The newer models include support for Apple's Time Machine backup software.

They also use a 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron processor, replacing the AMD Sempron from the old models.

When you finish, the bottom (system) drive should be on top of the stack.

Step 3: Loosen the Backplane Cables and Unlock the Latches As shown in the initial photos, a pair of (four-pin) fan cables in black, yellow, and blue and a 10-pin control cable connector plug into the top of the SATA backplane at the rear of the enclosure.

When it comes to performing a memory upgrade, the obvious options are to go from 512 MB to either 1.0 GB or 2.0 GB.

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I had to ask for help from Micron/Crucial to lay hands on a 0 module it offers, which had to be shipped to the United States from Scotland because it wasn't available in the United States.

Lift the latch at the center of the tray, then pull gently on the A-arm at the bottom of the tray.

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